progressive collapse in bridges

structural membersmust be designed for abnormal loads, or designed to not collapse if one of the elements is damaged, requiring continuity, ductility, and statical indeterminacy.

History of seismic regulations

Evaluating the behavior of buildings in the face of recent earthquakes shows that increasing resistance does not guarantee increased safety.

Review of Ocean Sensor Networks

Ocean Sensor Network is a type of sensor network, often wireless underwater, that is generally formed by a variety of sensors, loading and unloading stations, submarine self-propelled vehicles, surface-to-surface research vessels, or even coastal radars and ocean gliders.

Futuristic Approach in Urban Transportation

Movement is the main factor in the dynamism of urban life and the continuation of all economic, social and cultural activities in cities. When urban facilities are scattered throughout the city, it is only regular urban transportation that makes the use of these facilities practical.

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